Accessibility Service, although meant to assist users with disabilities, is a powerful tool to track user behaviour. It gives us the ability to track user gestures, monitor app usage and also read text from various apps among other things.

We can track the urls visited by a user by implementing an Accessibility Service listener in the following way. It starts by defining our service in AndroidManifest.xml file in the following way.

<service android:name=".LogUrlService"
<action android:name="android.accessibilityservice.AccessibilityService" />
<meta-data android:name="android.accessibilityservice" android:resource="@xml/accessibilityservice" />


Details on what kind of events we want to listen will go in an xml file…

The Raspberry pi zero is an amazing device with outstanding features. With in built wifi and bluetooth it can easily be turned into an IOT device to control various peripherals. In this article i will explain, how i turned my pi zero into a wifi range extender from scratch.

The initial setup instructions are for Mac OS , but they can be easily used in any flavor of linux also. To start off with we need to burn the latest version of raspbian lite os on a micro sd card. You can get it from here Download it and…

One day while casually browsing the web , i came across an ad for an app meant to be used by parents for monitoring their teenager’s phone usage. Digging a little deep, i found a whole host of apps on the android play store, which offer monitoring (spying!!) services for a fee. I got curious on how these apps work and started reading up on it. What i found out, was how easy it is to build one and how terrifying it is from a privacy point of view.

There are 2 basic parts to a spying app, one monitoring…

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You guessed it, i am a middle aged programmer who has been writing code for the last 20+ years. Current platforms include C, Java, PHP and nodejs.

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